Timothy Eugene Causey

Deputy Sheriff Tim Causey died as the result of smoke inhalation he suffered on March 16th, 2013, after responding to a massive fire in the Windsor Green area. The fire [...]

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Sandra Elizabeth Rogers

Master Corporal Sandy Rogers was shot and killed while responding to a call for a suspicious vehicle at Eustis Park at approximately 7:50 am. Master Corporal Rogers arrived on scene [...]

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Edward Scott Richardson

Master Public Safety Officer Scotty Richardson was shot and killed after he and another officer stopped a suspicious vehicle on Brandt Court, near Camellia Street, shortly before 9:00 pm. Officers [...]

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Roger Dale Rice, Jr.

Deputy Sheriff Roger Rice was shot and killed as he and other deputies searched for a murder suspect at approximately 11:55 pm. Officers from the Fountain Inn Police Department had [...]

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Capers Wannamaker, Jr.

Chief of Police Capers Wannamaker was killed in an automobile accident when his patrol car left the roadway and struck a tree on Burke Road. Chief Wannamaker was a U.S. [...]

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Charles Richard Nesbitt, Jr.

Corporal Chuck Nesbitt was killed in an automobile accident on Highway 521 near Rembert, South Carolina, at approximately 3:00 pm. He and another officer were returning to Sumter after transporting [...]

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Dana Kevin Cusack

Corporal Kevin Cusack was killed driving his patrol car when he was involved in a single-vehicle accident. He was on patrol when his patrol car left the road as he [...]

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Frank Bailey Glover

Special Agent Frank Glover suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after scuffling with a drunk and disorderly man. Agent Glover was placing the suspect under arrest at a Santee Cooper [...]

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Jonathan Shea Nash

Corporal Jonathan Nash was killed in a motorcycle accident while escorting a memorial charity ride in memory of Trooper Hardy Godbold when the driver of a vehicle pulled in front [...]

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Johnny Hamilton

Chief Johnny Hamilton was killed in an automobile accident while en route to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia. His patrol car collided with another vehicle at the [...]

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Dennis Carl Compton

Deputy Sheriff Dennis Compton was shot and killed while responding to a residential alarm call on Sunflower Drive, in Smoaks, at approximately 3:00 am. The homeowner's son had also been [...]

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